Crayon Art: Using Your Old, Broken Crayons

by Beth Godwin


  1. Blank canvas
  2. Old crayons
  3. Glue
  4. Newspaper or scrap paper
  5. Hair dryer
  6. An adult helper

(Optional) First, draw a picture with black crayon, marker or paint.

Place the newspaper down on the table or floor to contain your mess.

Then, pick out the crayons you like and peel off their paper. If the canvas is smaller, break the crayons into halves or thirds.

Next, glue the crayon pieces to the top of your canvas.

(Hint: If you are using multiple colors, try to group similar colors together to prevent them from mixing. Also, spacing them a little farther apart will help prevent this as well.)

Once the glue is dry, hold the canvas up with the crayons at the top. (Make sure it’s over the newspaper. This project can be messy.) Then, ask an adult to help you turn the hairdryer on high and hold directly above the crayons. The hair dryer can get very hot.

Watch the crayons melt and slide down the canvas. When you are satisfied with your crayon art, let it dry for a couple of minutes.

Display your new art.

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