by Phyllis Qualls Freeman

Once I thought I was unlovely

And not so very sweet,

But Jesus showed me then

a special, secret treat.


He showed me how a butterfly

Was once a little worm.

It had a fuzzy body

and oh, how it did squirm!


It wasn’t very pretty

and it was so very fat.

It said, “Hey, don’t laugh,

God’s not finished with me yet.”


Then it went into a shell

and hid itself inside,

Oh, the ugly thing was gone now,

in fact, it almost died.


But I looked one day, and what I saw

was quite a nice surprise.

It had changed into a butterfly.

Yes, I saw it with my eyes.


Just like the little butterfly

I am changing, too,

It is exciting to see

Just what God will do.


How will He make me look

On my face and in my heart?

I know He will do it right

If I will do my part.


I must obey and love Him

And let Him have His way.

Then surprise! I’ll be as lovely

As a butterfly some day!

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