Bringing the Best

…Bring the best…

Exodus 34:26

by Phyllis Qualls Freeman

In the Old Testament God allowed His people to bring offerings to honor Him. Sometimes it was a dove or a lamb for a sacrifice. Sometimes they brought grain from their crops to the temple as an offering.

Leftover grain would not do. God told them to bring the best of their first crops.

Well, why would God want their best? Wouldn’t just any part of their garden be okay? Maybe they could bring a crooked carrot or a pitted potato or a green tomato. No. God had certain requirements for offerings. He desired the very best, the first of certain grains. Giving the best of your grain meant you were honoring God a lot.

We don’t give God grain anymore, but we can give Him our best offering. We give God our time by helping with projects.  We may give him some of our money in offerings to help the church.

Whatever we do for God, we need to do our best. We give with joy because we want to please and honor Him.

What can you give God?

Thank you, God, for all you give to us. Amen


A freelance writer, Phyllis Qualls Freeman has more than four hundred published devotionals and human interest stories. She has five grandchildren and loves to tell them about God .


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