Brian’s Gifts

By C.C. Owens

You’ve been saving your money, collecting it in a jar, maybe even putting it in a savings account at your local bank. Your money is growing.  So, what do you do next? Perhaps this story can help.

Once upon a time there was a boy. We’ll call him Brian. He worked hard at school and played hard at sports. His big sister Libby was the same way.  She loved to run and play ball, and even though she was older, they would often play together.

Brian loved his sister Libby and was glad his parents had adopted her before he was born. Brian just couldn’t imagine his family without her.

One day, Brian saw his mother writing checks for their monthly bills. She wrote one to the children’s home where Libby had been adopted.

“Do you have to pay them so we can keep Libby?” Brian asked.

His mother smiled. “No, we don’t pay them for Libby. We send the home money each month for all of the children who haven’t been adopted.”

“There are more children like Libby?”

“Yes. Some come to the home when they are older and have a harder time being adopted. We send the home money so it can help these kids until they find new families.”

“Is this what you mean when you and Dad say ‘see a need and fill it?’”

“Partly. We can’t fill all the home’s needs, but we can help with some of them.”

Brian thought about this, went to his room, and brought back his money box. “Send them this too.”

“But that’s your whole savings.“

“I’ll earn more,” Brian said. “I want those kids to have it.”

His mother hugged him and said she would send it, but Brian kept thinking.

Each time he saw his sister, he thought of all the kids who didn’t have families like his, who didn’t have a mom to make their lunches or a dad to pitch balls to them. It made him sad. He knew his family couldn’t adopt all the kids, but he wanted to do something more for them. He wanted to do something special.

Then Brian had an idea. “Mom, my birthday is next month, and I want to have a huge party.”

“Are you trying to get lots of presents?”

“Yes! I want tons of presents and cash.”

Libby heard him and laughed. “When did you get so greedy?”

“Oh, it’s not for me. I want to send everything to the children’s home. Maybe we could get a list of things their kids would like to have.”

His mother stared at him. Libby stopped laughing. “Why would you give all your presents away?” his sister asked.

“I’m seeing a need and filling it.”

Libby’s face turned red, and she hugged him hard. Brian wasn’t sure what to do. His sister normally wasn’t this mushy.

When she pulled away there were tears on her face. “How many people can we invite, Mom?” Libby asked.

Brian noticed his mom was crying too. “As many as you can think of,” his mother replied.

Libby grabbed Brian’s arm. “Come on.”

“What are you doing?” Brian asked as his sister pulled him down the hall.

“Seeing a need and filling it. I know more people than you do!”

Although a fictional account, this story was inspired by actual events. We at DevoKids hope it will inspire you to “see a need and fill it.”

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