Aviation Boot Camp—Soaring Like an Eagle

Aviation Boot Camp—Soaring Like an Eagle

Jaxson was in a wheelchair, and he waited alone for his turn in the airplane. He wanted to fly and feel a different excitement that he hadn’t had in his life. He was ready for a life of adventure. He was coddled and often stopped from taking risks by his parents but they gave him this new opportunity and he was not going to waste it.

The instructor lifted Jaxson from his chair and cautiously set him in the airplane. “Ready to spread your wings?” he said excitedly. Ned was an Aviation Boot Camp pilot and loved teaching kids the joy of flying. Jaxson nodded his crooked head.

Jaxson suffered from Spina Bifida. His earthly body would find joy in life in a different way than the other boys his age. Jaxson understood that nothing could stop his mind from soaring like an eagle or his imagination from taking him places his body couldn’t. Jaxson was full of joy.

“Jesus says in John 5, Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk.” Smiled Ned. “I believe you have walked further than anyone I know.” He dipped the plane into a dive.

“Yay! This is wonderful.” Jaxson said.

“It is wonderful, isn’t it. I bring other teens up here but they miss it. They think it’s all about flying or think it’s boring compared to video games.”

“No way.” Jaxson shook his head. “It’s all about Jesus and not boring at all!”

“You are going to make a great pilot. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.”

“Thanks. Teach me more.” Jaxson grinned.

Ned placed Jaxson’s hands on the yoke and gave him control of the plane. Straight in level. Just like his life with Jesus.

Catlin was running late and hoped she hadn’t missed her turn. She looked over the hangars and saw the plane landing.

Lori LayneLori Layne is a pilot and author. She is a missionary pilot for Pilots for Christ in Michigan. She is married with six adult children and fifteen grandchildren. She lives in west Michigan with her husband, Tim, and German Shepherd, named Shadow. She loves to express herself and the grace of God in her writing.

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