Aviation Boot Camp Daredevil

Aviation Boot Camp Daredevil

James was an aviation boot camp daredevil. He wanted excitement and action. He was ready for a life of adventure whatever that meant. He imagined that the pilot could see his body rhythmically bouncing to the strong banging of his heart. His adrenaline was at full force in his small body.

“Ready to do some G force maneuvers?” The instructor said excitedly, only adding to the pump James already felt. Danny was an Aviation Boot Camp pilot and loved teaching kids the fun of flying.

“This is great!” James shouted into the headset microphone. “No need to shout, You’re right in my ear.” Danny smiled. James lifted off his seat after a steep climb and then a sudden drop as the plane headed toward the earth with a force. “Your seatbelt kept you from hitting your head.” Danny explained.

Aviation Boot Camp Daredevil

“Then I’m taking it off! Let’s do that again.” Squealed James.

The writer of Romans 12:11 says “Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord. You have a fire in your heart, buddy. Never lose that. Take it and direct it to serving the Lord. Your life will be more adventurous than you could ever imagine.”

“Christian and exciting? I didn’t think they went together.”

“It works for me. I have a personal relationship with Jesus, and He sends lots of adventure my way. I asked him for a life of adventure and opportunities.”

“How can I ask Him?” James asked with enthusiasm.

“Would you like to ask Jesus into your heart right now? Let’s fly up and see what He says.”

“And I want lots of adventure, not just a little!”

“God will give you exactly what is perfect for you and I have belief He has a wonderful life planned just for you.”

The plane started a steep climb maneuver. Danny spied James as he loosened his belt just a bit.

Down at the building waited Jaxson for his turn. He had few friends, and no one waited with him to cheer him on. Will he find a friend in Jesus when he reached altitude?

Lori LayneLori Layne is a pilot and author. She is a missionary pilot for Pilots for Christ in Michigan. She is married with six adult children and fifteen grandchildren. She lives in west Michigan with her husband, Tim, and German Shepherd, named Shadow. She loves to express herself and the grace of God in her writing.

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