Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Over 1,000,000 tourists visit the Arches National Park in Utah every year. They find the amazing natural sandstone arches.

Over 2,000 beautiful arches  

Sandstone arches are large red rock semi-circles. Over 2,000 of these beautiful arches have been discovered inside the park. Some have crumbled over time and others may still be forming.

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is the park’s most famous arch. The opening under the arch is 64 feet in height. Some fun historical names for the arch are Cowboy’s Chaps and Old Maid’s Bloomers.

A three-mile trail leads to Delicate Arch. The path passes Wolfe Ranch cabin. Ute Indians carved images (called petroglyphs) into a wall near the trail.

Landscape Arch

The largest arch is Landscape Arch, which has an opening 306 feet across.

The tallest arch (112 feet tall) is Double Arch South.

Red Rocks

Most of the park’s sandstone structures contain iron oxide. Just a small percentage of iron makes the red color of the rocks.

Wildlife at the park

While in the park, watch for cottontail rabbits, mule deer, and bighorn sheep. Birds commonly seen are pinyon jays, ravens, and red-tailed hawks. Visitors may even spot a Bald Eagle or a Mexican Spotted Owl.


-Sandra Merville Hart


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