A Promise is a Promise

preview25 pieceHave you ever made a promise to someone and couldn’t keep it? I’ll bet it made you feel very bad. There are all kinds of reasons that people don’t keep their promises. Sometimes people don’t keep promises because they’re sick. Maybe they have a good reason for breaking their promise. But it still hurts doesn’t it?

There’s someone who will always keep His promise. Can you guess who that might be? That’s right! God always keeps His promises. The Lord promised He will always love us and always be with us, even until the end of the world. And if He said it, then it’s true.

Click the small image above to go to website where you can put together an online puzzle. Then print out the page below and color it. Remember God’s promises as you put the puzzle together and color the bunny wedding party.


Gina loves to illustrate the Bible for children.  She has created hundreds of resources for children’s ministry needs – activity sheets, puzzles, games, children’s church bulletins, paintings, memory verse helps and more.  “Gina’s Corner” is a column she creates for Kids’ Ministry Ideas.




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