A Day at the Museum

A Day at the Museum

A Day at the Museum

Creation Days 1 & 2

By Jen Lyons

And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.”  So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it.  And it was so.  God called the expanse “sky.”  Gen. 1: 6-8

Hi, my name is Eric.  I’m just a normal fourth grader, going on a field trip but it’s not your normal field trip.  Tomorrow we’re going on a Creation field trip.  Creation – you know, how God made the world in six days – the trees, the planets, snakes, rain, and even you and me!  And I love science –it’s my favorite subject, so this should be fun.  And God is my favorite too, so I’m ready.  I can’t wait for you to meet my friend, Mr. Dewitt, but we call him Mr. D for short.  Not a “hanging out” kind of friend, but he teaches me things about God and how he has a plan and everything.  He’s not just fun but he’s smart and knows about so many important things, like life and church and where we go when we die.  I want to ask him if my dog Shadow will go to Heaven.  Here he comes…

“Alright guys, time to get started! Who knows what day God created the sky?”  “Day 1!” we shouted in unison. We knew our days of creation better than our states & capitals.  Mr. D gave this awesome talk about the atmosphere and how important it is, that without the atmosphere we can’t breathe, it protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, and keeps us warm.  And even how it protects us from things like meteors!  “Did you know our atmosphere even allows us to be talking to each other right now?” Mr. D continued, “When you talk, your vocal cords….” Mr. D’s voice trailed off and we couldn’t hear him anymore.  His mouth moved, but no words were coming out.  There was a giggle here and a “What?!” there.  Pretty soon we were all laughing, wondering what he was up to now.  “This is what it would be like if there were no atmosphere – we wouldn’t be able to hear each other talk – or hear anything for that matter.  Your assignment for today is to figure it out for yourselves – do some research as to why this is so.  But the most important thing you can do my friends, is this:  remember you serve a God who has made it so you won’t ever have to starve from lack of oxygen, walk around wearing a radiation mask, shiver until your teeth chatter away, dive for cover from flying space junk, or have to rely on texting to talk with your friends.”


Jesus is your covering, similar to what the atmosphere does on earth.  You cannot see him but He is always with you.  He is the breath of life, protects you even when you’re unaware, surrounds you with the warmth of his love, and you can hear him “talk” to you anytime through his Word.


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