Washed Clean

Have you ever played in the mud? It took a long time in the bath to get clean, didn’t it? Well, when we do things that are wrong, it gets our hearts dirty, just like the mud got our bodies dirty. But here’s the good news: we don’t have to take a bath to get our hearts clean. All we have to do is pray and tell God about what we did wrong (that’s called confessing) and ask Him to forgive us, just like the Bible verse below tells us.

Right-click on the image and select “Save Image As” to download the image so you can print it it out and color.

Gina Graham loves to illustrate the Bible for children.  She has created hundreds of resources for children’s ministry needs – activity sheets, puzzles, games, children’s church bulletins, paintings, memory verse helps and more.  “Gina’s Corner” is a column she creates for Kids’ Ministry Ideas.



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