Forty Days of Rain–will it Never End?

Forty Days of Rain–will it Never End?

Mrs. Noah’s Diary

“And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights.” Genesis 7:12 (NIV)

by Bonnie Beardsley

Dear Diary,

Glad we brought mint and ginger with us. Once the boat started floating several of us got sick to our stomachs and the mint and ginger helped. The constant rocking of the ark took some time to get used to. It was a good thing that during the seven days we were waiting for the rain, most of the animals fell asleep. I don’t want to think what it would be like if they threw up. Yuck.

We were all excited to see what rain was like. Now it can stop any day. I can’t see land, When the rain stops there is so much water that will take time for it to go down. You might ask, how much is there? The other day Ham decided he wanted some fish to eat. Well, he caught something so big it took the ark for a wild ride. Noah took a knife and cut the string.

Lord God, how much longer do we have to wait?


Bonnie B headshot

Bonnie Beardsley is a wife and mother of two boys. Her boys are grown and live on their own, but their dogs are still with her. Before the boys were born she wrote puppet skits for her church’s kids’ church. She is in the middle of writing her first book. Visit her at

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