About DevoKids

Devokids is part of Christian Devotions Ministries. Our mission is to entertain children with fun activities and sprinkle it with the teachings of Christ. It is the second phase of www.christiandevotions.us, our adult reader devotional site. Our plan is to be THE place for families to come for spiritual study, prayer and family fun.

DevoKids will post a weekly devotion from Christian writers, authors and KIDS. We encourage children to write about their favorite scripture or about their personal experiences with Christ. We are looking for art work, art projects, nature events and all around kid-fun.

Parents can visit www.christiandevotions.us for daily devotions and books by our writers. We are always accessible to our readers and we encourage your participation on the site. You may contact us at sandy@devokids.com .

We ask that you pray daily for our ministry as we strive to teach children the love of Christ.

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